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We offer online support to museums, historic houses, libraries, and archives in:
Collections Care
  • Developing collections care programs and projects
  • Managing conservation and collections care projects
  • Assess and manage risks to collections
  • Creating and implementing collections care policies and procedures
  • Devising collections care surveys and assessments 
  • Preventive conservation for collections
Emergency Preparedness
  •  Advice and support with creating an emergency plan for collections 
  • Reviewing and updating existing emergency plans
  • Conducting tabletop exercises (TTE) in emergency response 
  • Workshops on topics of emergency preparedness, leadership in crisis, well-being and resilience
Managing Conservation and Collections Care Projects
  • Project planning, including developing project objectives, timelines, and resource planning

  •  Stakeholder engagement strategies, communication plans

  • Identifying and managing project risks, implementing risk mitigation strategies, and developing risk management plans.

  • Support in monitoring project performance, tracking key metrics, and creating progress reports for project stakeholders.

  • Change management strategies, project adaptability, and contingency planning 

If you would like to book a consultation, get in touch below. Please provide a brief description of the issue you would like to discuss or the support you need. Upon receiving your inquiry, we will arrange an initial video meeting with you to understand your specific needs in detail. The initial consultation is free of charge.
During the initial meeting, we gather essential information, analyze your requirements, and create a proposal outlining the scope of the consultation, potential solutions, and expected outcomes. You will receive the proposal in writing, including the estimated duration and costs. Please note that the proposal is non-binding.

Upon accepting the proposed plan, we will work with you until the agreed-upon project outcome is reached. The consultation sessions are conducted online. After the consultation, we may gather feedback from you and provide any necessary follow-up support or additional resources as needed. For clients requiring ongoing support, we will create a plan for continued consultation and assistance as required.

If you require consultation, please get in touch with us.

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