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Emergency Management in Heritage Scholarship
The Emergency Management in Heritage scholarship has been set up to train collections care professionals to develop an emergency management program for collections.
The scholarship will support your professional development by providing you with: 
  • tools to assess risks to your collections
  • skills to create an operational emergency response plan for your collections
  • knowledge to design a comprehensive training program for your team
  • practices and skills to maintain self-care, well-being, and resilience in emergencies and disasters.
The successful candidates will: 
Please read the information about the Emergency Preparedness in Heritage course and the Emergency Management Development Programme on the webpage before you apply for the scholarship to get a sense of how the knowledge and skills you would gain might benefit your organisation. 
Please note that the scholarship is fully funded. 
The application deadline: Sunday 8th October 2023
Conditions for Application
The application is open to all heritage professionals worldwide who are responsible for emergency preparedness in museums, libraries, archives, and historic houses. To be eligible for the scholarship you must be actively involved in emergency planning and response in your organisation. 
We prioritise applications from countries that have been recently impacted by natural disasters or war. 
Application Process
To apply for the scholarship, please provide the following information in electronic form as a pdf document:
  • State your name, the name of your organisation, and the name and contact details of your line manager or supervisor supporting your application
  • Please state in a few sentences how the knowledge and skills you would gain from this scholarship might help you in your work and benefit your organisation.  
  • Please confirm in this document that you would be able to attend the Emergency Preparedness for Heritage course
  • Please confirm that you would be able to attend the half-day Emergency Management Development Programme. The workshop date will be scheduled to suit all scholars
  • Please attach your professional biography.  
Please send the application as an attachment to Andor Vince at Your application will be acknowledged within 24 hours of its receipt. If for any reason you do not hear from us within this time, please follow up on your application by contacting us.   
All the applications will be processed by Tuesday 10th October 2023. You will receive an e-mail letting you know whether your application has been successful.
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