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Collections Care
We can work with you to: 
  • Carry out collections care surveys and assessments 
  • Develop and implement collections care programs and projects
  • Create an emergency management plan for collections   
  • Assess risks to collections and tie these to organisational risks

Collections care surveys and assessments

We conduct assessments of collections and run consultation sessions. This includes assessing the condition of collections, level of collections care and conservation practices, preservation policies and procedures, staffing, resources, and training needs. Based on the assessment results, we provide recommendations for improvements. These include suggestions for conservation, preservation strategies, disaster preparedness, risk management for collections, environmental monitoring and control, housekeeping, pest management, storage, handling, and display of collections. 

Collections care programs and projects 

We provide virtual or face-to-face support and advice in creating collection care programs and developing strategies for the long-term preservation of collections. This involves conducting collections care assessments, assessing potential risks and threats to collections, and, according to the results, developing a comprehensive plan or program for collections care. We assist with evaluating the resources required such as budgets, equipment, supplies, and staffing requirements. 

We offer support and advice in initiating, planning, managing, and reviewing collections care and conservation projects. This includes:


  • Advice and help with writing project proposal documents

  • Estimating initial costs for conservation and collections care projects 

  • Help and advice in creating Project Management Plan documents

  • Support with creating project schedules 

  • Support with resource allocation and management

  • Assessing and managing project risks

  • Creating project communication plans

  • Help with project progress monitoring and reporting

  • Managing change in projects 

  • Help with and provide advice on effective project closure and evaluation with lessons learned.

Managing risks for collections

 We facilitate risk assessment exercises for collections in museums, libraries, archives, and historic houses. We provide advice on managing risks, including strategic resource allocation and devising cost-effective mitigation strategies. We offer ongoing support in assessing and managing risks with recommendations for mitigation


Upcoming Courses in Collections Care


29th January Project Time and Cost Estimations, Free webinar*, The Americas, Europe and UK
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31st January, 
Managing Risks in Heritage, Free webinar* with Agnes Brokerhof and Anna Bulow
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2nd February Project Time and Cost Estimations, Free webinar*, Australasia
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12th and 13th February Risk Management in Heritage (ABC Methodology)
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29th February, Project Management in Conservation and Collections Care, The Americas and Canada
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22nd February, Project Management in Conservation and Collections Care, Europe and UK
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19th February, Project Management in Conservation and Collections Care, Australasia
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