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Heritage Collections Care Consultancy works to bring best practices to the heritage sector, helping to strengthen organisational effectiveness in care for movable collections. In our work we: 

  • Provide information and undertake surveys, feasibility studies and assessments

  • Help to solve problems and provide practical solutions

  • Diagnose collection condition

  • Recommend actions

  • Assist with implementation of recommended solutions

  • Facilitate client learning through workshops and courses


Consultancy work we undertake includes:

Collections Care

  • Advising on collections care and conservation policies and procedures 

  • Assessing risks to heritage assets with clear priorities and strategies for mitigation 

  • Advising on conservation and collections care programmes and plans and supporting their implementation 

  • Advising on preventive care for museum, library and archive collections such as environmental monitoring and control, specification of display cases, storage, lighting and pest control.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Advising on emergency planning and on the implementation of emergency policies and procedures

  • Preparing a Disaster Risk Management Plan and an Emergency Response document

  • Providing practical training in salvaging historic objects, and library and archival materials

  • Assessing the emergency plans and preparedness of heritage organizations, with recommendations for further improvements

  •  Provide support in planning, developing, conducting and evaluating emergency exercises 

  • Leading and facilitating table-top exercises in emergency response

Project Management

  • Implementing project management systems within heritage organisations

  • Advising on  conservation and collections care projects such as gallery refurbishments, moving collections and storage

  • Providing practical training in project management 

  • Troubleshooting and recovering collections care and conservation projects in difficulty