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Positive Heritage Organisations
Creating a positive work environment offers multiple advantages, including boosting staff morale, productivity, and overall organisational effectiveness. Given the unique challenges and stresses inherent in heritage organisations and the vital role of those who care for heritage collections, prioritising employee well-being and fostering a positive culture is paramount. This not only supports individuals but also ensures the long-term viability and success of the organisation. Nurturing a positive organisational culture aligns with improved care for heritage collections, enhanced visitor experiences, and increased community engagement.

We can work with you to:
  • Training and workshops on stress management, mindfulness, and self-care practices to enhance employee well-being.
  • Resilience-building programs to equip your team with the skills to adapt and thrive in challenging situations.
  • Individual coaching and support services to address specific well-being and resilience needs.
  • Resources and tools for creating a culture of well-being and resilience within your organization.
In our work we bring the latest scientific research in the fields of positive psychology,  positive organisational psychology and neuroscience to provide knowledge, skills, and strategies for individuals and teams to apply in their daily work. 
We are running practical courses and webinars​ in: 
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