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Positive Leadership Programme

The Positive leadership program is aimed at equipping leaders with the skills and mindset required to create a positive work culture and drive the success of their teams and organisations. The program can be tailored to individual organizational needs and can be delivered online or in person. 


Introduction session

  • Program objectives, structure, and expectations. 

  • Individual leadership assessments to identify strengths and areas for development.

  • Goal setting and action planning for personal growth.

Foundations of Positive Leadership

  • What is positive leadership? 

  • Understanding the principles of positive organizational psychology and its importance to leadership effectiveness.

  • Developing self-awareness and cultivating a growth mindset.

  • Exploring the science of well-being and its relevance to leadership.

Authentic Leadership

  •  Introduction to Authentic Leadership

  • Traits and behaviors of authentic leaders

  • Exploring the concept of authentic leadership and its importance in creating trust and respect

  • Cultivating authenticity and vulnerability as a leader

  • Integrity and authentic leadership

  • Practicing active listening and empathetic communication with others

  • Creating a personal leadership development plan to sustain authenticity.

​​Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

  • Introduction to emotional intelligence.

  • Understanding emotional intelligence and its impact on leadership effectiveness

  • Developing emotional intelligence skills, including self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills

  • Assessing personal emotional intelligence and areas of development

  • Applying emotional intelligence in leadership situations and building strong, positive relationships with team members


Employee Well-being and Engagement

  • Positive psychology of the workplace.

  • Positive emotions, strengths and optimal performance at work.

  • Techniques for fostering positive emotions at the workplace.

  • Impact of positive emotions on employee well-being and engagement.

  • The role of positive relationships in employee well-being and engagement.

  • Creating opportunities for employees to develop and utilise their strengths. 

  • Goal setting and creating opportunities for meaningful. contribution.

  • Job crafting

  • Meaning and purpose in work for wellbeing and engagement.

  • Building a culture of trust, collaboration and social support.

  • Promoting work-life balance and self-care practices.

  • Cultivating mindfulness and resilience to manage stress and adversity.

  • Strategies for preventing burnout.

  • Creating a supportive work environment.


Positive Communication and Collaboration

  • Exploring the impact of positive communication on employee wellbeing, engagement, and performance.

  • Understanding psychological safety in open and honest communication.

  • Best practices for creating supportive and non-judgmental communication.

  • Providing and receiving positive feedback to enhance individual and team performance.

  • Creating a culture of recognition through positive feedback practices.


Psychology of Conflict 

  • Conflict management and positive psychology

  • Application of positive psychology in conflict resolution and its impact on wellbeing

  • Conflict and emotions

  • Practicing positive communication, active listening and providing effective feedback

  • Applying positive questioning techniques to shift the focus from problems to strengths and possibilities.

  • Strengthening relationships through empathy, understanding and forgiveness


Throughout the course, participants engage in interactive exercises, case studies, group discussions, and reflective activities. They will have the opportunity to apply the learned to their own work contexts, receive feedback from instructors and peers, and create an action plan for implementing positive practices to enhance their leadership skills. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to create a positive work environment that fosters employee well-being, engagement, and organisational success. The course participants will develop and implement a leadership action plan, applying the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program to drive positive change within their teams or departments.


Post-program support and resources for ongoing growth and development as positive leaders will be made available. We can deliver the courses online or in person.


If you would like to run any aspect of the Leadership Development Programme for your organisation, please contact us. 

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