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The Consortium is an association of museums, historic houses, libraries and archives. As a member of the Consortium, you will receive practical ongoing support in caring for your collections. This can be face-to-face or online support. 
How to become a member of the Consortium?
Step 1. Contact us with an inquiry about the membership
Step 2. We meet with you to discuss your specific needs (free)
Step 3. We decide what aspects of the collections care you need support with (see mind map below)
Step 4. We create a written Collections Care Plan for you and agree on the fees
Step 5. We put your Collections Care Plan into action 
For a sample of a Collections Care Programme please see here.
Besides supporting you in delivering your Collections Care Plan, as a member of the Consortium you will have access to: 
  • Continual advice in collections cares and preventive conservation. You can contact us as many times as you wish if facing an issue and need advice 
  • Free access to webinars or seminars on specific collections care topics relevant to you
  • Priority access to courses and workshops offered by Heritage Collections Care Consultancy
  • Access to a network of heritage organizations for training to share resources
The membership fee is for a year and can be paid monthly or annually. 
If you would like to explore joining the Consortium or more information, please contact us at  

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