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Heritage Collections Care Consortium provides virtual and in-person support for museums, libraries, archives, and historic houses in:
  • Expert advice in care for heritage collections 
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Building positive heritage organisations
Collections Care
We can work with you to: 
  • Carry out collections care surveys and assessments 
  • Develop and implement collections care programs and projects
  • Create an emergency management plan for collections   
  • Assess risks to collections and tie these to organisational risks
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Emergency Management for Collections
We can work with you to:
  • assess your emergency readiness to protect your heritage collections in disasters
  • update your emergency management plan for collections
  • develop and deliver drills and practical exercises in salvaging collections
  • test your emergency plan with desktop exercises using realistic scenarios 
  • assess your training needs and develop a training program for your teams 
We offer practical support in preparing and training teams to operate effectively under high-pressure environments such as during emergency response and recovery. 
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Positive Heritage Organisations
We offer programs and practical courses in positive organisational psychology to foster a positive work environment for those who care for heritage collections. 
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We are running practical courses and webinars​ in: 
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