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Emergency preperdness
Emergency Preparedness for Heritage Collections
Emergency preparedness is the process of developing comprehensive and effective strategies and procedures to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies or disasters.  In this course, you will learn how to develop an Emergency Management Plan for your collections in practice. 
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Leading and Facilitating Tabletop Exercises in Emergency Response 

​Tabletop exercises are one of the most time and cost-effective ways of assessing the level of emergency preparedness of an organisation and its emergency response team. In this course, you will learn how to plan, deliver, and evaluate an emergency tabletop exercise in practice.
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Exploring the Psychology of Emergency Preparedness, Free webinar
 In this webinar, we will venture beyond the tools and techniques in emergency preparedness and explore the world of human behavior in crisis. We will examine how larger emergencies can affect us psychologically and how this might hinder or facilitate an effective emergency response and salvage of collections.
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Project Management in Conservation and Collections Care
This highly practical course will provide those working in conservation and collections care with an understanding of how to create a project management plan to manage projects in a heritage setting. 
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Advanced Project Management in Conservation and Collections Care
This course will provide those working in conservation and collections care with an understanding of how projects are managed in practice, including managing resources, change and project risks in practice. 

​The program assumes a basic understanding of project management terminology and practices.

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Project Time and Cost Estimation, Free webinar 

Why is estimating time for projects or tasks so challenging? Why do projects often seem to cost more than we budgeted for? In this webinar, we will explore the difficulties of estimating time and costs on projects and learn simple techniques that can help us to do this more accurately.

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Projet mangement
Positive Leadership and Positive Teams
Positive leadership and positive teams can have a profound impact on employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall organisational and project performance. In this course, you will learn how to adopt a positive leadership style and employ specific actions and practical strategies to create and sustain positive teams.
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Business Skills for Conservators and Heritage Consultants
In this course, you will learn essential business skills such as business strategy, financial forecasting, costing and pricing work, and strategic marketing. This course will provide you with knowledge and tools that can help you in running a successful business. 
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Positive organisations
 Risk Management in Heritage 
This two-day workshop will explore the risk-based approach to collections care and the application of Risk Management in Heritage (also known as the ABC) methodology in practice.  The methodology was developed by the Canadian Conservation Institute and ICROOM with other partners. 
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Risk Assessment in Emergency Planning and Collections Care, Free webinar
Risk assessment is the first step in developing a comprehensive emergency plan and a long-term collections care strategy.  In this webinar, we will explore how risk assessment tools can help us become more aware of the vulnerabilities of our collections, prevent incidents and prepare for an emergency or disaster.
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Emergency Management Development Programme

We offer practical courses to prepare individuals and teams to operate effectively under high-pressure environments such as during emergency response and recovery. The topics include leadership and communication in crisis, team management in crisis, well-being and resilience, and trauma awareness.

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Risk managmet
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